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browneyIn November 2019, the City of Toledo passed into law, residential rental properties and lead safety compliance, also known as the Toledo Lead Ordinance. This law requires landlords to obtain a lead safe certificate. This is accomplished by making sure all coatings are stable (not chipping, peeling, cracking, etc) and then passing an EPA approved dust wipe analysis.

Toledo Municipal Code Chapter 1760

As an owner of a 1-4-unit residential rental property or family childcare home in Toledo, Ohio that was built before 1978, you are required to have your property inspected and certified lead-safe under TMC 1760 “Residential Rental Properties and Lead Safety Compliance” also known as the Toledo Lead Ordinance. This requirement is being phased-in by census tract over several compliance deadlines.

Toledo Lead Safe Painters can help you obtain your lead safe rental certificate by providing you with a professional lead safe paint job. Our painters have the knowledge to identify paint hazards and the skill to fix them. Toledo Lead Safe Painters thoroughly clean after paint projects and always keeps the safety of the homes occupants in mind. We use EPA containment methods to keep your living environment safe and healthy. Call us Today.

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